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The largest fish in the sea

A curious whaleshark (Copyright © 2021 Sue Merrifield) A whaleshark accompanied by "pilot" fish (Copyright © 2021 Sue Merrifield)

The whaleshark is the largest fish in the sea. Solitary adult whalesharks are rarely seen and can grow up to 12 metres in length. The brief sighting of a single whaleshark is a highly prized experience sought by many experienced scuba divers.

On our recent trip to Djibouti we snorkelled and dived in an area where juvenile whalesharks congregate and had prolonged interactions with these amazing creatures.

More than one

2 whalesharks feeding together (Copyright © 2021 Sue Merrifield) Subsurface feeding (Copyright © 2021 Sue Merrifield)

We had many encounters with groups of whalesharks as they circled around observing us with gentle curiosity. They continued to feed together unconcerned.

More photographs

Capturing a whaleshark on video (Copyright © 2021 Sue Merrifield)

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Copyright © 2021 Dave Mason Copyright © 2021 Dave Mason

Video clips from our trip

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Mouth of the Red Sea

Suction filter feeding (Copyright © 2021 Sue Merrifield)

Djibouti is a small county located at the southern entrance to the Red Sea on the Horn of Africa. It provides a rich feeding ground for marine life particularly for developing whalesharks.

Planktonic Diet

A plankton eater (fortunately) (Copyright © 2021 Sue Merrifield)

The whaleshark feeds on plankton.

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Distinctive beautiful markings (Copyright © 2021 Sue Merrifield)